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  2. Classy but Lowkey nasty 😋

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  3. Patiently waiting on my teammate so we can start taking over the world together. For now I’ll do it by myself. By @pringles_gingerale “💯💯💯” via @PhotoRepost_app

  4. 508 to 313 to 5429. I have no idea what these last 5 years would have been like without this chica. I thank God that he blessed me not only with a tolarable roommate freshman year but a friend that would help me create some of the most memorable moments of my life. We have both started new chapters in our lives but when you have real friends you can’t let distance get in the way. I am so happy for you, and I know the best has yet to come. #thatsmyroomie #juststandupcourtney #508B #annex #bestroomieEVER #thetreespot #DCtoChicago

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  6. Know what you want, and settle for nothing less.

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    My Anubis for yesterday’s Sketch Dailies :)

    This is perfection.

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    The paw in the air, I fucking lost my mind.

    i need to stay off tumblr. #tooweak

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